Each piece of a2CIRCLE Jewelry has been crafted to the high quality in sterling silver with 18K gold plated. Our jewelry is nickel-free and perfect for everyday wear.

By taking good care of your jewelry, it will preserve the longevity of each piece. Store your jewelry out of direct sunlight and in a cool dry place.

Remember to remove your pieces before bathing, swimming and other sporting.

Chemicals like perfumes, make-up, lotions or cleaning products can affect jewelry greatly so it is always best to apply your products before putting on your jewelry.

We recommend regularly giving your jewelry a gentle polish with soft polishing cloth and ensure any chemicals or moisture on the jewelry has been removed before storing.

When you are not wearing your a2CIRCLE jewelry, we recommend all jewelry should be kept in a dark and dry place, ideally the jewelry pouch that your a2CIRCLE piece came with.

Giving your jewelry a quick buff after wearing it to ensure any chemicals and moisture are removed will ensure your jewelry stays in good condition.